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GSX-R1000,   GSX-R1100   guhl   Guhl,   H2   H2R   handling   hayabusa   Hayabusa   Hayabusa,   head,   header,   headers,   healer   Healer   heat   height,   hesitate   high   higher   hit   honda   Honda   horsepower   horsepower,   how   hp   hurt   Ib   idle   ignition   Ignition   in   in,   include   increase   individual   information   injectors,   install   install,   installation   installing   instructions,   intake   international   jet   k&n   K&N   Katana   kawasaki,   keys   kickstand   kickstand,   kill   kit   Kit   land   launch   layaway   leaded   leaking   leaks   lean   learning   left   length   lengthen   less   level   lever,   life   light   light,   lightest   limit   limiter   limiter,   lines,   link   links   links,   LM-1   lobe   location   locked   logo   long,   loss   lost   loud,   louder,   loudest,   lower   lowered   lowering   lowering,   Lubricant   map   Map   map,   mapping   Mapping   maps   maxton   megaphone   michelin   mig   mileage   milky   miss   misses,   mix   Mix   mixing   mixture   mod   mod,   Mode   modification   module   Module   module,   motor   motor,   motul   mount   Mount   MPG   mph   MPH   mr12   MR12   mrx01   MRX01   much   Nation   ninja   Ninja   nitrous   Nitrous   nitrous,   non   nos   NOS   not   NPT,   o   o2   O2   occasionally   octane   off,   often   Ohins   ohlins   Ohlins   oil   Oil   on   o-ring   o-ring,   out   overheat   overheating   Owners   oxygenated   Oxygenates   pads   parts,   payment   pc   pc3   pc3,   PC3usb   pc5   PC5   pc5,   pciii,   pcv   PCV   pcv,   performance   Performance   petron   photos   pictures   pieces,   pilot   pin   pipe,   pistons   pistons,   pitch   pivot   place   plugs   plugs,   point,   poor   position   power   Power   power,   premium   pressure   Private   PRO   probe   products   provide   psi   pump   pump,   purchase   quick   quotes   race   racing   radial   radiator   ratio   Ratio   re   rear   rebound   recommendation   redline   reflash   re-flash   Regina   regular   rejet   removing   reprogram   rev   rich   ride   rides   rookie   Rotobox   rpm   rpms   RuGlyde   running   runs   S1000RR   Sabur   safe   sale   Savage   sea   seat,   secondary   self   selling   sensor   service   setting   setup   shift   shifter   Shifter   shinko   shock   shocks   Shootout   short   short,   shortened,   showerheads   shut   sidewinder   sidewinder,   signal   sixth   slip-on,   slippage   slipping   Smith   soot,   spacers,   spark   spec   specs,   speed   Speed   speedo   Speedo   speedohealer   speedometer   Spin   spit   sponsorship   spring   spring,   sprocket   sprockets   stack   stacks   stainless   stall   stalling   stalls,   standards   start   start,   steel   sticky,   stock   stock,   stop   storage   straight   strap   street   StreetSmart   strut   stumble   suspension   swingarm   switch   Switch   switch,   systems   tank   technique   teeth   tensioner   thread   throttle   Throttle   tig   time 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