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  $25   (S.F.M.)   -027B,   -027D   1,   1/4   1/8   13.2   1397   2   4-2-1,4   9   93   a   afr   AFR   aftermarket   air   alien   all   altitude   amp   and   ass   auto,   backfire   bad   baffle   baffles   band   base,   battery   bazzaz   Bazzaz   be   best   bike   Bike   bikes   BMC   boging,   box,   Brocks   Brock's   busa   butterflies   buy   C16   cams,   can   cannot   changes   charge   check   cleaner   close,   commander   Commander   computer   consumption   control   conversion   countries   ct   custom   damage   data   detonation   difference   differences   different   dirty   down   drivability   drive   Drop-in   dual   duals   dying,   dynamometer   dyno   dyno,   dynojet   Dynojet   E85   E85,   ECU   elevation   eligible   end   engine   Engine   engines   ethanol,   exhaust   exhausts   fee   filter   filter,   filters   fit   flash   flash,   flat   flies   flies,   foreign   front   fuel   Fuel   fuel,   fuels   gas   gear   gearing   gearing,   gen3   gsxr1000   gsxr-1000   gsxr1000,   guhl   Guhl,   H2   H2R   hayabusa   Hayabusa   hayabusa,   head   head,   heat   hesitate   hesitation   horribly   how   humidity,   hurt   idle   ignition   import   injectors   install   installed   international   interpret   into   K&N   Kawasaki   kit   label   lean   length   load   loading   lockup   lose   losing   low   map   Map   map,   mapping   Mapping   mapping,   maps   Maps   maxton   meg   meter   mid-range   mile   mileage   mix   Mix   mixing   mixture   mod,   mode,   modified   module   Module   module,   MPG   MPH   mr12   MR12   mrx01   multiple   names   need   new   Ninja   nitrous   Nitrous   no   Noise   nos   NOSEC   octane   open   other   overwrite   oxygenated   Oxygenates   package   pair   pc   PC   Pc3   PC3   pc3usb   Pc3usb   pc5   PCIII   PCIII,   pcv   PCV   pcv,   PCV,   performance   pipe   Pistons   pistons,   plates   plug   plugs   poor   ported,   power   Power   premium   primaries   products   pulsates   pump   purchase   quick   race   ratio   reduction   reflash   regular   remove   remove,   removed,   rich   rpm   running   runs   SDMS,   secondary   Secondary   send   sfm   shifter   short   shortmeg   slip-on,   smeg   so   sound,   spark   speedo   Sport   spot   spots   sprint   sprocket,   stack   stacks   stock   street   Street   structure   stumble   Super   support   temperature   throttle   timing   top   track   Track   track,   transfer   tre   TRE   TRE,   tune   tune,   tuner   tuning   unhook   usb   USB   used   velocity   volt   weather   wet   wide   without   wrong   Wynns   yoshimura   zx14   ZX-14R  

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