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Question / Issue
My FI light shines when I installed your pipe on my 2008 Hayabusa. What do I do with the O2 Sensor?

Answer / Solution

Guys, The new 2008 Hayabusa is almost identical electronically to the 2007 GSX-R1000. I will be adding information as we figure out Suzuki's Fastest bike EVER!

1.  Stock O2 sensor: First and foremost I need to clear up some items about this new little gadget. The 2008 Hayabusa IS **NOT** CLOSED LOOP!!!.in the traditional (automotive) form. The Stock O2 sensor MUST BE REMOVED from the bike for proper performance. In a nutshell, this sensor is 'emission control BS' to help the bike pass more stringent (Euro 3 and Tier 2) air quality standards. Its job is to DRASTICALLY LEAN the air fuel mixture at cruising speeds (ONLY) Even if you have our map to correct this, the stock ecu will continue to remove fuel with the sensor installed..effectively rendering our map useless from a performance standpoint.

    The simple fix (at the moment) is to install a Power Commander since it includes a jumper to remove the sensor from the wiring harness without letting the check FI light flash. This prevents the stock ECU from attempting to ruin our mapping. We also have these jumpers available for sale without the power commander. Call 937-912-0054 or contact for more details and/or pricing. Once the jumper plug and Power Commander are installed the mapping works just like the older Busa's. Please note: We have now added an O2 bung to allow the use of a Bosch (5 wire) sensor for use with Innovate Technology A/F Meters (or a wideband unit, etc...) as a convenience to our customers. The stock sensor will NOT fit our bung which is intentional since you don't need it anyway.especially for race use. If you decide to run an aftermarket 02 sensor-simply drill the exhaust in the center of the hole and smooth the area at the bottom of the bung/pipe with a Dremel tool or similar small cutter. Be careful not to harm the threads on the bung, we suggest entering and exiting the bung without the tool rotating. The stainless steel of the pipe is only .028 inches thick which makes this an easy job for most individuals with moderate mechanical skills. If you do not have a Power Commander, then you can simply leave the stock O2 sensor plugged in and tie-wrap it up under the fairing until we find another way or until you purchase a Power Commander. Note: The check FI light will flash if the sensor is removed from the bike without using the plug. We have not investigated the performance affect of this problem, and we won't. If you want your bike to be as fast as possible, you need a Power Commander with our map. As always, maps are readily obtained by going to:  and following the steps in the appropriate map support form.

2.  ** IMPORTANT** Removal of the Secondary Throttle Plates IS NOT RECOMMENDED on the New Busa and the maps included ARE NOT intended for use with the plates removed. The 2008 Busa is as close to factory RACE BIKE as you can get.  The secondary plates are used to smooth the power NOT restrict power as occurs with other bikes ( like the ZX-14). At this point we only see them functioning with the mode switch and a low cruising speeds for emission purposes which are eliminated with the use of the Power Commander, our mapping, and jumper plug.

3.  TRE use on the Suzuki's: Note: The TRE-002 simply locks the bike into the 5th gear map in the stock ECU which KILLS POWER after adding some additional torque in the lower revs. This power killing is a good idea on stock and short wheelbase Busa's. Note: the gear position indicator is stuck on 5 all of the time, the neutral light doesn't work, the ABC mode selector doesn't work and the bike will not run with the kickstand down..but the 186 MPH limiter doesn't work either.

4.  All short stacks: 2007 GSX-R1000 Short Stock Velocity Stacks (Suzuki part #13881-41G00). We use all 4 short stacks to help boost the high RPM power of this bike in conjunction with our exhaust design. This works especially well with our extended ECU mod.

Note: That's it for now. More to come soon.

Good Luck and GO FAST! Brock

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