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Last Update : 2012/11/08
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What is the benefit of running a non o-ring chain on the track, and why can't you do any riding on the street with it.

Answer / Solution

Reduced friction for quicker acceleration and less wasted horsepower.

Yes, they can be used on the street. But, they do require more maintenance than an o-ring chain because dirt can get trapped under the rollers. As a result, they must be cleaned on occasion. They also require more lubricant , it has a tendency to fly out since there are no o-rings to hold it under the rollers. Most riders don’t like the additional work and lube making a mess on the back wheel. We run non o-ring chains on all of our bikes with no problems, but we usually ride less than 2K miles per year and 80% of these miles are at the drag strip! We also lube them every other run to get the quickest E.T. and highest MPH possible. (We clean up the mess afterward.)

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