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Last Update : 2012/11/08
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Question / Issue
I have a 07 Hayabusa I’d like to wake up a bit, my last bike was a stock 05 GSX-R1000. I'd like to also think reliability as I've got a touring set up for it to take 5 and 6 hour trips. From suggestions I'm looking at the intake cam for exhaust, your Gen3 pipe, Power Commander. And local guy mentioned removing a gasket that would bump the compression a half or so. ? got me... he is reputable wrench/builder though. Does any of this sound as good reliable set up for my 07 Hayabusa?

Answer / Solution

It all sounds good.  If you are stock now, our pipe/Power Commander and mapping will give you around 20 additional HP.  These pure bolt-on’s will wake it up quite a bit without affecting reliability at all. FYI: your previous bike made almost as much HP and weighed 100 lbs less than your Busa.  I can understand your desire to make the Busa faster.  The exhaust cam mod is very good and worth 7-10 HP but the gasket removal can get tricky.  If your engine does not have enough piston to head clearance, your engine can fail days, weeks, or months afterward.  I always caution everyone to use a reputable builder for any internal engine work.  One bad wrench can destroy your bike and leave you with an expensive mess.  Feel free to inquire about preferred engine builders to  Please give us your general location (city and state) and how far you are willing to travel to get your engine modified.  FYI. We also have an exhaust system which works with Corbin Beetle bags if you do quite a bit of cruising.

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