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Last Update : 2012/11/08
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Question / Issue
I have removed the secondary butterflies on my GSXR 1000, will this affect the map for NOS and MRX01? Also, if I wanted to run pump gas most of the time and MRX01 in grudge matches would the map need changing or should I get it dyno tuned to be on the safe side anyway?

Answer / Solution

You will need a custom map if you removed the butterflies. Pump gas will be fine with a map for MRX01…but the bike will be slower normally aspirated, of course.  We always recommend the highest octane pump gas you can purchase for ANY nitrous use. We typically will not spray any bike without race gas.  The penalty for a small problem is usually severe engine damage if the pump gas you use has problems (too much ethanol blend etc.).  If you want your bike to be as fast as possible, you will need to run the map which is designed for use with the set-up you are running.  Maximum performance is all about a running a proven COMBINATION…if you vary from the combination at all, you will slow down.

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