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Last Update : 2015/01/13
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Question / Issue
Rear sprocket for a Hayabusa and want to know how many teeth should I go with that would not effect my top-end. I am down one in the front. The bike will be used for quarter mile 10% of the time and the rest will be road racing on the highways. I have your 1397 kit!

Answer / Solution
We get questions about gear ratios ALL of the time. We use some handy charts we have recently added to the site to help you determine your perfect ratio for the drag strip or Maxton etc. **Check the links below for your specific bike gear calculator!** Save the calculator for your bike on your desktop. Open the file and try changing the sprocket sizes (Secondary Reduction) in the chart to calculate speeds. It shows all gears. We have added the proper transmission ratios and crank ratios for you! Your tire size may differ. We paint a line on the tire with silicone, etc. then roll the bike (with the rider in place) to make marks on the floor. Measure the distance between the marks to determine circumference for your tire. ps. Special thanks to Dave O for supplying the charts AND allowing me to post them!

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