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Last Update : 2012/11/16
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Question / Issue
I have an 06 GSXR 1000 with the clutch mod, all 6 yellow HD springs, and I have a .050 washer behind each spring. My gearing is a 16/43. The clutches hold the power (170mph plus in testing last weekend) but I’m having trouble launching the bike. I have heard that I have too much spring pressure, but if I take the washers out from behind my springs the clutches slip in high gears. I have also heard to try putting stock gearing on the bike and leave at a really high rpm so that the clutches have to slip on the low end but they will catch up and grab about 60ft out. The bike is 64" and I weigh 165.

Answer / Solution

We use nothing but OEM clutches and our Alisyn oil in all 1000’s.  The slip idea will never work without a lockup.  The reason we created the cushion is because once you add a great amount of spring pressure the clutch becomes very hard to manage. We don’t make them for the 05-08 GSX-R1000’s because we had not seen the need.

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