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Question / Issue
I have a 2005 Hayabusa with your clutch mod. For some reason the clutches don't last long. What could be the problem?

Answer / Solution

Because the static clutch pressure is so strong (550 lbs.) with our Hayabusa clutch cushion kit, you will experience increased clutch life and MPH unless something is assembled wrong or broken.  Problems and cures are listed below in order of likely hood.

1. Your inner clutch hub is “notched.”  The steel plates eventually damage the aluminum inner hub when launching from a dead stop on ALL motorcycles.  This forms notches on the splines of the inner hub.  If the inner hub is notched to the point that the steel plates can no longer slide freely, they will bind and not allow the clutch to completely compress.  This is the case in 90% of premature wear situations.  The cushion instructions located at the link below.    FYI: we typically replace this item as many as 4 times during a typical season depending upon the power level of the bike.

2. You are not using fully synthetic motor oil- a dead stop motorcycle launch can create heat in excess of 750 degrees F.  Use 100% FULLY SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL ONLY.  Few organic oils are rated for more than 240 degrees F.  Cure: We suggest our Alisyn Aerospace oils and Petron oil additive, both are available in our web store.

3. Improper assembly or worn parts create a clutch creep or drag situation.  If your bike tries to pull you forward with the clutch pulled in at all, the resulting heat will destroy the clutch almost instantly.  (See the Clutch Creep FAQ linked below.)  Cure: See 1 and 2 above.  A. Inspect sprocket cover for cracks (replace or insatll the Clutch Slave Cyinder Support linked below).  B. Excessive expansion in stock hydraulic clutch line.  Older Busa’s develop this problem at some point.  Cure: replace with aftermarket braided line.

4. Outer clutch hub backing springs are worn out.  See CCK instruction link in 1 below.

5. Gearing.  Excessively tall gearing can create clutch wear problems.  Trying to drag race with stock gearing on most models creates excessive heat.  See FAQ 319 below for gear calculations. 

6. Rider style.  You must let the clutch go!  Some riders have a tendency to try to slip the clutch longer than required.  If all is set up properly, the clutch should be completely out of your hand with the throttle locked midway through first gear or sooner.  Slipping the clutch too long creates heat related failures.  An indication of this problem is clutch drag in the shut down area.  If you pull in on the clutch at the end of the run and it feels spongy or the engine drags, you have this problem from one of the issues above.

7. Clutch Slave Cylinder binding up. If the slave cylinder (located on the sprocket cover)is binding up, or not functioning correctly, it can prevent the clutch pack from fully compressing. Some signs that there could be a problem are: inability to install the pressure plate. Cracked pressure plate. Clutch throw-out does not start 'creeping' immediately after pressing it in to install the pressure plate or will not press in completely. VERY stiff clutch feel. Clutch slave cylinder problems are typically created by excessive chain lube/dirt etc. Clean/rebuild or replace unit.

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