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What is your take on E85 Fuel? Should I use it in my motorcycle?

Answer / Solution

NO.  E85 has an ethanol content which is far too high compared to standard fossil fuels.  It is a staggering 85% ethanol and 15% pump gas mix.  E85 cars will self compensate by adding additional fuel on the fly, but bikes don't work this way (even models with OEM sensors installed from the factory).  See motorcycle related E85 information at the first link below.

See the second link below for general information on using E85 in standard combustion engines.

Note: although some thrifty racers have decided to use E85 as an alternate fuel in an attempt to boost power compared to normal pump gas or more expensive race fuels, Brock’s Performance does not recommend or support the use of E85.  Our experience is that most modern motorcycle fuel systems cannot deliver the greater volume, and many FI controllers cannot meter the increased rates properly.  This can lead to severe engine damage under certain conditions.

The use of E85 is considered a modification from the OEM configuration and beyond the realm of our map support program.

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