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Last Update : 2012/12/04
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Question / Issue
Do I need to remove the flies on my 2008-09 ZX-14 for maximum performance? I read on the Internet that the flies are opened at the same rate as adding a TRE 008 to the earlier model ZX 14's, so there is no reason to bother removing the flies?

Answer / Solution

Your Internet information is partially correct: We also noticed that the 2008 and newer model ZX-14’s flies open more quickly than the earlier models, but the earlier models were COMPLETELY NEUTERED in the low end power department! The later Models aren't as bad…. but they aren't even close to Gen 2 Hayabusa unless you remove the flies and install the proper mapping to match.  Once this is done, you have a much faster bike and it doesn't cost anything if you purchased your system from Brocks Performance since all mapping is free for as long as you own your exhaust.  Complete test information can be found in the link below.  In conclusion- YES.  Optimum power and performance is noticed on the 2008 and newer ZX-14’s by removing the flies and installing the correct map to match.

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