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Last Update : 2012/12/04
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Question / Issue
If I have a Yahoo e-mail account, can this cause delivery problems or delays in receiving my maps?

Answer / Solution
YES. Maps arrive to you directly as an e-mail attachment from our account.  Yahoo sends most e-mails with attachments directly to bulk/junk mail unless the sender is on your approved list.  The quickest/easiest way to place our map support staff on this list is for you to send an e-mail from your Yahoo account (do not simply click on the link above, you must generate the e-mail from your Yahoo account) to the address above with your name in the subject line. This will help expedite the process of you receiving your requested maps.
Note: As a back-up (to help ensure that Yahoo account holders receive their maps,) we also forward them to our own Brock’s Performance Yahoo account which in turn is to be manually forwarded to your Yahoo account as Yahoo doesn’t automatically block attachments from other Yahoo customers. Naturally, since this is a manual process, delays are possible.
Or the easiest way to avoid these Yahoo-based delays is to simply not use a Yahoo account.

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