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Last Update : 2012/12/04
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Question / Issue
What happens if I fill out a New or Previously Approved Exhaust Purchase Map Support request forum... but I actually own a USED system?

Answer / Solution
Quite frankly, we consider this dishonest/fraudulent behavior, and Mr. Davidson has a zero tolerance policy for such.  Your name as well as e-mail and IP addresses will be entered into our database, and you will NEVER be allowed to transfer a used purchase using any of those criteria. This will happen on your first fraudulent attempt ~ there will be no warning issued and no second chances.
Note: Brock’s Performance offers unsurpassed customer service and support in our industry. This service requires intelligent human resources to oversee and maintain. We charge a small Data Transfer Fee ($25) to transfer the ownership information of a used system to provide you the same benefits as a new purchaser. No one else offers anything close. You can always use a ‘canned’ map off of the Internet or pay a shop $250-$350 to custom tune your bike on a dyno. Of course, because your bike isn’t moving on a dyno, we believe our track maps offer a distinct advantage in the real world, but we will let you be the judge of that. Our apologies if our statements appear bold, but with so many championships, records and race wins listed under the Brock’s Performance banner, we are not afraid to be confident.
Used exhaust definition: An exhaust system (or complete bike) that was purchased second hand from a private individual, bike shop, E-bay, web forum, etc... Basically, by any means other than new in the box from Brock’s Performance or an authorized Brock’s Performance dealer.
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