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Last Update : 2012/12/05
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Question / Issue
Will an intake cam on the exhaust side work with my slip on GP style short pipes on my 09 Hayausa? Or do I need to change the whole exhaust system for it to work?

Answer / Solution

The intake on the exhaust side swap would not be advised (too big) on a Gen 2 Busa (A Gen 1 intake swap will help some on a Gen 1 Busa)... but you are truly hampering your performance by keeping the stock head pipes using slip-ons.  80% of the power gains from a full exhaust system are created from the cylinder head to the muffler.  That's why you don't even need to re-map on most bikes with slip-ons... you aren't flowing enough additional exhaust gasses for it to make a difference.  When you consider the ram air effect that the stock headpipes are choking, the performance potential loss is even greater.


Your overall performance gain by switching to our full system, especially real world MPH gains, would be much greater than from changing your exhaust cam AND it's a complete bolt-on process.  Placing the intake on the exhaust is a complicated process that can easily lead to engine damage if performed incorrectly.

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