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Last Update : 2013/07/08
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Question / Issue
My bike runs horribly, is it the map?

Answer / Solution
No… Brock’s Performance fuel injection mapping is designed to optimize acceleration and enhance drivability.  Typical rear wheel horsepower gains, from a stock engine, due to mapping alone are usually in the 2-8 RWHP range – breaking down that number translates to a best case scenario gain of 2 horsepower PER CYLINDER.  This is not the type of gain that determines if a bike does or doesn’t run properly.  If you are in doubt, simply REMOVE THE POWER COMMANDER completely from your bike and go for a ride.  Most modern day machines will run fine with only nuisance throttle irregularities, small to moderate stumbles, and a lack of smooth acceleration… but the complete lack of a Power Commander (or map) will not be the difference between the bike running very poorly and running well.  So, if your bike runs VERY BADLY – It's not the map.
We suggest the following troubleshooting tips, in order:
1.    Reload the original map sent to you, or try another from the database (this will zero your unit and give you a starting point.)
2.    If #1 doesn’t cure the issue, remove the Power Commander entirely.  If this helps, you may have a bad unit.
Note: BAD POWER COMMANDERS are VERY RARE, but any device can go bad. Please go to for advice on repair/exchange options.
3.    If #2 doesn’t work, check the bike in dealer mode to see what IT believes is wrong.  Most bikes will throw codes (check FI light shines); the OEM service manual   or online forums can help guide you through what these codes mean and how to display them. A u-shaped paper clip inserted into the dealer connector is all you need!

4.    If #3 is not successful, try replacing your fuel; you would be amazed at how often we see bad gas these days.

5.    If #4 doesn’t work, systematically remove any and all aftermarket electronic devices. 
 FYI: OEM electronics have less than a 1% failure rate over the life of the bike. They should be looked at as a last resort.

6.    If ALL OF THE ABOVE are not successful, try replacing your spark plugs.  We recommend the exact OEM replacement, but we gap at .022 as it has shown power gains on the dyno in some instances.
7.    And if that doesn’t work, we suggest that you find a reputable shop or contact your dealership for more advice.

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