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Last Update : 2012/12/08
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Question / Issue
What is the clutch stack height for an 01-04 GSX-R1000 when I remove a plate to make 8 steels and 8 fibers? I installed a clutch cushion for the back dated clutch on my 06 and have some OEM thick, thin steels, and fibers.

Answer / Solution

In general, the instructions below use no more than 2 thicks and 2 thins of each when the free play of the cable clutch is properly adjusted as in the instructions below to prevent creep (FAQ 111 link below).  This has been the best advice.  Our Clutch Cushion Kit static pressure is more than enough for the stack height to not have an effect on clutch life, so we don’t document or quote measured stack height.  Since we don't know if you have a cable clutch, this is our best advice to you.  

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