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Last Update : 2012/12/08
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Question / Issue
Why was I was sent PC3 USB maps when I have a PCV?

Answer / Solution


The advantage of the PC3 USB over the PCV is the larger notes section of the USB Power Commander.  When imported, these valuable notes show up in the PCV notes section, but are lost when saved as a PCV file.  To preserve the notes, copy them into a word processor file and save for reference now and in the future.

See the attached graphic.

1)   Make sure your Power Commander V (PCV) software is the latest version. 

a)    If not, update your Power Commander V per the instructions on their site.
2)   Open your PCV program.
3)   Go to the “File” option encircled below in light blue.
4)   Click on “Import PC3USB Map (.djm)” 
5)   Find the map (.djm) you wish to load and highlight it.
6)   Click on the “­Open” button. Your map file will show the more detailed notes from the USB (.djm) file.

PCV Graphic.pdf (62.7Kb)

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