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Last Update : 2015/09/03
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How does Octane affect my bike's power and performance?

Answer / Solution

Octane increases gasoline's resistance to ignition.  Unless you are running a turbocharged or modified engine, the octane specified in your manual is usually the best for you bike.

My friend Don Smith does a great job of clearing up what we have been trying to explain about fuel for years in a recent article for Throttle Nation magazine.

Please read this article (attached) and see why high octane fuel can SLOW YOU DOWN unless your engine has been modified to need it, you are turbo charged, or have nitrous oxide.


PS: Just because there is no label on the pump telling you that ethanol is in the gas doe not mean there is no ethanol.  Only when the label says no ethanol may you have any possible assurance the gas is ethanol free.  Ethanol actually reduces the power in the gas.

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