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Last Update : 2012/12/08
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Question / Issue
Does my Hayabusa drop-in piston modified engine need a better map than the standard one you sent?

Answer / Solution
Modified engines tax the fuel systems to their maximum capacity and need a custom map for each application to extract maximum performance. We send a base map for you to use and have as a 'starter map' before your engine custom mapping.
That being said, the SuperSport map we sent (we don't use, sell or suggest drop-in piston Gen 2 engines - we feel it is a waste of time and $) should operate fine on high octane pump fuel ** IF** your engine is capable of operating on such fuel without detonating… only you and/or your engine builder would be able to make this call.
The SS map we send has made 205 RWHP on VP MR12 fuel (using stock pistons) in a SuperSport style engine. We would recommend VP MRX01 fuel if using JE drop-in pistons and 91-93 pump octane if your cranking compression is lower than 220 lbs., for street use.

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Hayabusa Super Sport Engine Map modified Drop-in Pistons
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