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Last Update : 2012/12/11
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Question / Issue
Can you use the KTRC (traction control) on the ZX-14R and/or ZX-10R even if you attach a Power Commander V (PCV)?

Answer / Solution
Yes. The PCV connects between the ecu and injectors to condition the fuel signal only. The bike has no idea it is installed and it has no affect on any other systems or their functioning.
Please note: when the traction control is functioning properly, the bike will ‘miss or sputter’ intentionally as the bikes ECU removes power to allow the rear wheel to gain traction. This is a normal function. With the stock exhaust in place, wind and engine noise may not allow the rider to hear this ‘miss or sputter’. After an aftermarket performance exhaust system is installed, this ‘miss or sputter’ is much louder and can become a topic of concern for riders – once again, this is a normal function of the KTRC system and the ‘miss or sputter’ is indicating that your system is functioning properly.

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