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Last Update : 2012/11/02
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Question / Issue
I have a street megaphone on a Hayabusa with small box mod, stock filter, PC3USB, 87 pump gas? I have a flat spot with hesitation from 2500 to about 3300. Which map do you recommend for it? Don't want it to run too lean.

Answer / Solution

The map notes contain the file name in the USB maps. I suggest the -027D…any hesitation should be addressed as described in the Busa test and race info in more detail.

Here are the typical causes in order of probability and a brief description of the cure:

1. Dirty injectors- clean.

2. Power commander buttons- reset to zero.

3. TPS adjustment- set to zero in dealer mode.

This cures any hesitation in 90% of the cases. The forum private owners section describes additional issues (in more detail) to address if the above do not cure the problem.

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