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Question / Issue
I have a '07 ZX14 and I'm considering your Street Meg pipe but have a few questions. 1)I already have a PC3 Power Commander and the secondary throttle plates out(map 011),what horsepower and torque gain can I expect after remapping with your pipe? 2)What is the cost including shipping to Edmonton,Ab.Canada including all fees? 3)Does a full system have an advantage over slip-ons other than weight saving?

Answer / Solution

1: Of course I would have no idea what type of gain you would see because I have no idea how well your current map functions. I can tell you what we saw in our diaries (link below) and honestly say that we expect you to pick up the same amount.

2. Go to our site for the current pricing. We can ship USPS to Canada - contact my staff to find the rates. We usually have them in stock for immediate shipment.

3. Slip-on systems are NOT conducive to HP gain…usually only around 5-7 HP total. The true power gains are noticed from the head pipes TO the mufflers. This remains stock with slip-ons.

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