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Last Update : 2012/11/02
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Question / Issue
I replaced the K&N air filter with the stock air filter and ran redline fuel injector cleaner thru the system. New result is 157.87 hp @ 92.61 ft/lbs. (higher ambient temp /lower humidity) When I changed the filter, the idle dropped, and I had to adjust the idle up to keep it running. I would think this is more restriction? The dyno shows the bike is now running richer than with the K&N filter, but producing more power?? People have suggested dyno tuning the bike, I wanted to get yor input before doing this.

Answer / Solution

Every single question you can have on this issue is answered in our private forum (linked below).  For approved customers, this is our own personal reference guide we would use if you brought your bike in with this problem.

Redline cleaner takes WEEKS to work and kills dyno power while doing it. 

It is not possible to correctly judge the amount of oil in your K&N filter- as a result your Air/Fuel Ratio can not match our map.

Most shops charge $250 to $375 for a custom map session. If you insist on using products we do not recommend or endorse-it will be the only way to get your bike mapped for that combination.

If you do EXACTLY what we say in the link below COMPLETELY without leaving out or adding any items/products/techniques, then a map session is not required if your engine is in good health.

The choice is up to you.

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