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Question / Issue
Clutch mod and HD springs: I have both in my Suzuki GSXR 1000 05". What I need help with is the clutch adjustment after both are installed. I see there are 3 adjustment areas; 1) the lever 2) the clutch release adjuster cap 3) and the clutch cable adjuster under the tank. How should all three be adjusted for the correct setting? Here is what I've noticed, when I leave free play at the lever it's hard to engage the gears but when it's tight at the lever it's no problem. I've followed your instructions to the tee and still it boggles me. I guess I don't know what I should expect with having your mods in there. Also where should the clutch start to grab? Very soon from the handle or in the middle? This has been racking my brain since I've owned the bike.

Answer / Solution

The exact engagement point is purely personal preference. Most riders like the clutch to engage just off of the bar enough to allow a couple of fingers under the lever to be able to hold on to the handlebars. This adjustment is ALL at the lever. The other adjustments are to give free play in the clutch pack to compensate for wear. The link below applies to all 1000’s.

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