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Last Update : 2012/12/04
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Question / Issue
What is the definition of a Previously Approved customer to obtain Map Support?

Answer / Solution
Previously Approved for Map Support definition  
This means that at some point IN THE PAST you have:
1.    Previously filled out a New Customer Map Support form from our home page.
2.    Chosen a forum username and registered in our web forums.
3.    Received congratulations/approval e-mail from our map support staff.
4.    Received maps for your bike via e-mail.
Note: If you purchased your exhaust and/or Power Commander (even if it has a hand written tag on the back of the unit with the map name, etc…) directly from Brock’s Performance, this DOES NOT automatically register you as a previously approved customer.
Our Map Support program is 100% ON LINE – You must choose a forum username and secure password for us to grant you permission into our private areas in our forums.
Use link 1. below to go to the New Exhaust Purchase Map Support Form:
Use link 2. below to go to the Used Exhaust Purchase Map Support Form: 

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