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Last Update : 2012/12/04
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Question / Issue
Am I eligible for map support if I purchased my Brock's Performance exhaust system USED?

Answer / Solution

Yes!  If you own a Brock’s Performance exhaust system, we want you to have every available resource as if you purchased the system brand new.  This includes: unlimited lifetime map support, access to our private forums, our technical support program, etc.  New or used, purchased direct or through a Brock’s Performance authorized dealer, a private party, or even through eBay, it makes no difference to us.  We WANT your Brock's Performance experience to be as pleasant as possible, and we believe our maps will provide you with an edge over the competition. 


There is a  one time $25 database transfer fee (Link 2. below) to transfer ownership information over to you from the previous owner.


Then fill out the ‘Purchased Used’ map support request form from Link 1. below, and we will handle it from there.   Any information that you can supply on the previous owner will help speed-up the process.  We may request additional information such as a photo of the system, copy of your purchase receipt, etc... for verification.  FYI: Our secure map support system will not allow maps to be sent without a corresponding purchase or proper verification through the map support transfer link.  Your database transfer fee will be refunded if approval criteria cannot be met via direct e-mail communication with our staff.


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