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FAQ ID # 635
Problems Loading Map
Last Update : 2015/01/08
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Question / Issue
I just received maps from the Brock’s Map Support and they won’t load into my Power Commander. What should I do now?

Answer / Solution

There are a couple of potential issues as to why you cannot get your map loaded into your power commander. Here are a few things to check; Did you thoroughly read the Map Support email prior to starting? If you attempted to load the maps without the proper power commander software installed on your computer then you may have corrupted the maps. If you are getting a compatibility error when loading the map, go to the DynoJet website and update your power commander with the latest firmware. If you are using a PC III USB then you'll need to have the 9V battery adaptor plugged in to load the map or you'll need to have the bike running to power the unit. If you are using a PC5, then your computer will power the unit. If you are still having issues, give us a call at 937-912-0054

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