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Questions specific to the Kawasaki ZX14 and ZX-14R.

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Do you have a gear ratio calculator?
Calculate your gear ratios
Regardless of the style/type of lowering links you offer, do I need to additionally purchase a shortened kickstand? I'm looking at the adjustable models for racing - will the stock kickstand still support the bike if I have dropped the rear?
Do I need to remove the flies on my 2008-09 ZX-14 for maximum performance? I read on the Internet that the flies are opened at the same rate as adding a TRE 008 to the earlier model ZX 14's, so there is no reason to bother removing the flies?
I have a '07 ZX14 and I'm considering your Street Meg pipe but have a few questions. 1)I already have a PC3 Power Commander and the secondary throttle plates out(map 011),what horsepower and torque gain can I expect after remapping with your pipe? 2)What is the cost including shipping to Edmonton,Ab.Canada including all fees? 3)Does a full system have an advantage over slip-ons other than weight saving?
I had a shop install a Streetmeg on my 2008 ZX14 and it started to leak lots of motor oil from the top of engine. What do you think went wrong with the install? Is it coming from the air box or valve cover gasket? Did they plug up the wrong port or hole.?
The Speedo Healer for my 2008 Hayabusa didn’t work around the stock speed limiter. The product is installed and working properly as far as I can tell. I can program in different % offsets and the speedo reacts like it should, but the bike ran 180MPH in 6th gear on the dyno and signed off.
Do you have or recommend a ZX-14 smog valve removal kit that helps my bike's performance? I have a full Brock system, Power Commander, BMC filter, and secondary plates removed.
ZX-14 Smog / Pair Valve Block Off
I was reading on a forum where people are "claiming" that when they remove the baffle on their ZX-14s with the stock motor they loose low to mid range power and the bike won't launch hard. Have you experienced this problem when you test systems or are they leaving out details like not using correct map and other mods? Does removing the baffle require a different map?"
I have a Street Megaphone system on my 07' ZX-14. Does the Alien head offer any more horsepower? Any less? I like its design and would like to get it but I am not ready to give up performance.
I own an '07 ZX14 with PCIIIUSB, Roaring Toyz low-exit megaphone exhaust, Pipercross air filter & a custom map by a local custom tuner. Not too happy with the results & other people & tuners have told me it's the pipe. A common recommendation is the Brock's ShortMeg. Is there or has there been any testing against these 2 exhausts. Any comments or advice would greatly be appreciated.
My 2007 Kawasaki ZX -14 bike is running absolutely great. Question -- Will it affect your fuel map in any way, if I change the front chain sprocket from a standard 17 tooth down to a 16 tooth sprocket, and leave the standard 41 tooth sprocket on the rear wheel?
What are the differences between 2006 and 2008 Alien Head slip-ons for a Kawasaki ZX-14?
Can you use the KTRC (traction control) on the ZX-14R and/or ZX-10R even if you attach a Power Commander V (PCV)?
I've followed your progress on the 2012 ZX-14R. The ECU mod put up great numbers, so why use a Power Commander? The ECU mod removed the top speed limiter and still provides a great a/f ratio from the Dyno sheets I have seen.
I am trying to change my front sprocket from 17 to 16 teeth but can't seem to find the right size socket to get that nut off. Also, it seems to be super tight. I tried putting a little heat on it to loosen any locktight that might be there. do you have any tips? Thanks.
What is the biggest wet "shot" you would put on a ZX-14 with STOCK motor?
Biggest wet shot on stock engine
I have a ZX14 that I want to put a sidewinder on, but first I have a few questions: Do you need a cut oil pan? Can you remove the oil filter without removing the pipe? Do you have to remove your oil cooler? Is the rear brake usable after install?
I bought a 07 ZX-14 and would like the low end power gain. I would like your recommendation on pipe, your mapping, and flies removed. I am in Colorado and ride through the mountains from time to time, please advise for I am confused.
Do you use a billet reed cover block off plate for ZX14? If we use the plate for ZX14, will it have better power?
I have the flies out and a GI Pro aTre on my ZX-14. Which position on the aTre should I use for your map, 1st gear, Neutral, 5th gear or 6th gear?
I just put my ZX-14 back together. The head is ported by Spaz and I degreed the cams. Also has JE 13.5:1 pistons and Carrillo rods. Smeg, flies out, BMC race filter. I put the SS map you sent me in and used 93 pump gas. It starts and idles great but I tried to take it for a ride and it was bogging and dying on me bad. I thought it was too rich, but pulled a plug and it was very clean, looks lean?! I am just trying to convince myself there's nothing wrong with it and it just needs mapped. Is there anything else that could be causing this that I can check.
I recently purchased a ZX-14R clutch mod but could not get the nut off despite trying with rag, glove, trying to wedge something to keep it from spinning, applying heat, etc. I was using impact wrench and 27mm going in reverse (left). It did not want to
I have the Muzzy Dry shot system on my ZX-14 with a Schnitz window switch. I have it set up to come on at 97% TPS and 8250 to 11000rpm. The flies are removed,and I have a BMC Filter. For Drag events I have been using an Australian made Race Fuel Martini 110 (Ron 109.6, Mon 100, SG .840,Oxygen 3.5%.)I have used the Dry Shot at one event and I added 10% more fuel at 100% TPS from 8 to 11000 rpm on my current map. Would you suggest that I remove the nitrous? Which map would you suggest I use for the track with or without the Nos? Could I use leaded fuel in the bike just for drag events?
2012 Kawasaki ZX14R with CT dual quiet core, ECU with Brock flash, PCV with pump gas street map. My problems are bike stuttering when I cruise around 3000 to 5000rpm. When this happened it sounded as if it is going to a near deceleration pop ( I had the PAIR block with the red cap provided). The bike also increase fuel consumption overall. My question: 1: is it normal? Because no problem with high rev (rpm) 2: is it the cause of leakage? Due to Improper mount of the exhaust by my mechanic? 3: should I change to race air filter to minimize or solve the problem? ( I already ordered from you waiting for shipment) 4: my bike is California spec. Should I get rid of the charcoal canister? 5: in Taiwan we have 98 and 95 gasoline , Kawasaki recommended using 95 and above. I always use 98, should I change to 95? 6: could it be due to the PCV map corrupted because of improper map loading?
What is your opinion on going down 1 tooth in front and up 1 tooth in the rear on my ZX-14. I have never done any track racing but wanted the most seat of you pants feel but still ride everyday.
For a 2013 zx14r. Which exhaust (full or slip on) is street legal in California? What is the weight savings and HP gain? Does it also require power commander? Thanks!
If I don't want to put your exhaust and pc5 on my ZX-14R at this time, can I still flash the ecu on the stock bike to get rid of the safe mode and increase the max rpm etc.?
I have a 2007 zx14 with your brock sidewinder and was wondering if a quick access clutch cover would fit without any modifications to my pipe?
Quick access clutch cover with Sidewinder
I want to buy the loudest and best performance exhaust for my 2012 zx 14r. Please tell me should I put the Alien Head 2 in 14" or 20"?
Performance Exhaust
I recently had Block Off plates installed and emissions removed and added a K&N air filter on my ZX14. I just wanted to know, do I need to change the map or am I still good running the No Sec Street map? Also I ride all year and temps are starting to stay below 40, does that require any MAP modifications? I use my bike for just about every type of riding but going to the track. I will do roll-ons until I hit the top end.
The shift light on the 2012 ZX-14R can only be set to a max of 11,000 rpm. The ECU flash that you offer raises the rev-limiter, so does the flash also give you the ability to set the shift light past 11,000 rpm?
ECU reflash shift light
I'm considering whether to buy a CT Megaphone Full System 17" Muffler ZX-14 (06-12). The reason I'm considering is because of the oil plug and oil filter. Is it necessary to take off the muffler when I change the oil and filter? If there isn't a problem I would buy this exhaust system(Brock's mufflers are very cool).
Easy oil filter change
I have a 2006 ZX-14 and I'm installing a 240 wide tire kit that's extended 6 inches. Do you have an exhaust that will fit?
Of the street map, race map and maxton map, which could I use for the track with a 30 shot dry kit on my ZX-14?
I have a zx14 with a smeg, no flies, no filter, and your track map. Will I gain anything from removing the baffle and would I need to change maps?
I have a 2007 zx14. The clutch chatters horrible when I launch it at the track. I see you make a kit for the 2012, any suggestions for my 07?
ZX-14 Clutch Chatter
Would the dual ShortMeg slip-on system for the Kawasaki ZX-14R be considered street legal in TN?
I put my ZX-14 on the Dyno yesterday and made 189hp and 113 for TQ with your Smeg and track map... It starts to run super rich between 4200 and 5000rpms and dips down to 11:1 AFR. Will this change with the bike moving and ram air working?
A/F ratio question
What is the hp gain from adding your dual slipons to a stock zx14 with the flies out?
Slip-on horsepower
I have a 2012 ZX-14R and I removed the secondary flies. The bike wants to "buck" when decelerating and approaching a stop. Could the flies being removed cause this?
ZX-14R decleration "bucking"
My ZX-14 clutch is bad. Should I go with the OEM clutch and/or should I install a lock up?
I've got an 07' ZX14 and I'm looking for an exhaust system for it. The only question is with only a PCIII, TRE, and exhaust how much of a difference in power would a full system make over slip-ons?
If I don't want to put your exhaust and PC5 on at this time, can I still flash the ECU on the stock bike (ZX-14R) to get rid of the safe mode and increase the max rpm, etc.?
In your ZX-14 Diaries, your recommendation is for the best due to the variable nature of torque output applied to the pavement when removing "The Flies". Since I will be riding in all weather conditions, I must maintain that aspect of "Driveability" you spoke of in your communication Especially since traction will constantly be an issue.
I have an 08 ZX-14 with a ShortMeg, secondaries removed, tre, BMC race air filter, and a PC5 with Brock's map. My question is will a Brock's flashed ECU help me pick up more power?
Do you have BSTs for a 2013 Kawasaki ZX-14R with ABS/KTRC? Will the BST hubs come machined and ready to use all the ABS/KTRC components (sensor rings, etc.)?
I have a Brock's sidewinder on my 07 ZX14. I've been told by few tuners to take timing out of the bike in the top end (because the ram air works so well at 100mph & above) ie: 3rd 4th 5th gears, is that possible & if so what units are available to do just
You offer big bore kits for the Hayabusa, but do you offer one for the zx14 or anything that would increase its displacement?
After installing my new exhaust system, my ZX-14 overheats/spits antifreeze on to the ground when I turn off the engine. I removed the radiator during the install, but put everything back the way it was. Any idea what could cause this?
Do you offer the TiWinder for the zx14 with a black ceramic coating? With a stock motor what baffle on the TiWinder makes the most power?
Hello, I have a 2013 ZX14R and was wondering what kind of gains I should expect when switching to the DNA air filter that you sell?
I have a 2009 ZX-14 and I recently installed a 40 shot nitrous kit for track use. I'm looking for advice on strengthening the clutch. How much stiffer is the clutch with each of your spacers? What set up would you recommend for my use?
Clutch springs and spacers
I have a 2012 ZX-14R and I'm trying to decide between the CT dual and the Alien Head 2 exhaust. My bike is a street bike that will spend 90% of its time on the drag strip. I like the look of the CT dual and I know the Alien Head is very lightweight. How do they compare with power/weight? What are your thoughts?
I have a 2007 ZX14 with a full alien head exhaust, K&N air filter, PCIII power commander, and the Guhl flash ECU. Will it benefit me in HP gain and top speed to pull the secondary flies or does it matter with the Guhl flash ECU? Also is there a better air filter out there than the K&N?
I'm from France and was interested in your ECU reflash for the ZX-14R. I've heard the keys are coded with the ECU. If I get the ECU reflash, will I have to reprogram the keys to my bike?
I have a 2015 zx14 with full alien head , pcv , and guhl flash ( only 260 miles on it ) and a 2013 zx14 with full alien head , pcv. Both are lowered and are pretty much identical. But the 2013 seems to be running a bit crisper per say vs the 2015 . Another point is I had a 2012 with the same setup and it runs like my 2013 , you start up and it idles a little rough ( up and down) but smooths out . The 2015 starts up and runs like it did stock , my question is , did they change or add something that I over looked ? The 2015 seems to be running a bit rich also ? It just don't seem as quick as my other 12,13 did.
i have previously purchased a full brocks alien head exhaust and pcv, i recently purchased a o2 optimizer , my question is , do i have to fit the original sensor to the exhaust to make it all work properly, the engine light is still on when i connected the optimizer. many thanks Stuart
I have a 2013 1400R, is it best to put a short exhaust on or long to increase power?
Do the stock headers on a ZX-14R have an O2 sensor?
How much clearance from the oil drain plug to the ground should I have on the ZX-14s while racing? How about on the street?
Is it safe to ride my 2012 Kawasaki zx14R with Alienhead 2 before maps arrive or without using a Dynojet PC V?
Safe to ride without maps
Is it hard to install an auto shifter on a zx14? Can I do it myself or do I need to take it to a shop for installing?
I purchased (ordered through local dealer) a new full Titanium system with CT Meg and a PC V with street tune for my zx 14r 2012 everything is great, no issues. Q; If I install a BMC race filter will any additional tune be needed? Q; If I install Velocity Stacks (23mm) will additional tune be needed. I like the intake howl thus the reason for the VS install. Extra feed back on this welcomed. TY
Mapping changes
Why do you recommend gearing for the top of 5th gear instead of top of 6th in the quart is there a benefit? Im currently setup for the top of 6th gear? Nos only zx14 track bike.
I installed my new CT series exhaust on my ZX-14R and the studs on the head do not engage enough of the nut to even be flush when torqued to 10ft/lbs.
I currently own a 2008 Kawasaki ZX14 with a CT Megaphone Full System installed on it that I purchased new from your company in 2010. I would like to know if I can install the CT Meg I currently have on a 2012 or newer Kawasaki ZX14R? Is the CT meg currently being sold exactly the same as the one I purchased in 2010 and have installed on my 2008 ZX14? Thank You PS. Best exhaust I have ever owned in 30+ years of sport bike riding!!!
Will your CT Dual Full System fit on a Kawasaki ZX-14 that has a 240 rear wheel kit?
Will CT Duals work with 240 Kit
Is there a O2 sensor hole in the alien head system I've ordered for my 2015 ZX14R?? Ps there was no sub menu for 2015 only 2006/2012. I have watched this vid by Ben @ Brocks Performance many times & there is no mention of it. Also if you have not seen it is a MUST watch for any 14R owner wanting to remove there body work for the 1st time
What clutch spring setup would be good for my high horsepower ZX-14 and how much can it handle?
I purchased a set of your heavy duty clutch springs p#270292. Since there are only 5 springs is it possible to only use say 2 or 3 heavy ones with the others remaining stock. Will this jeopardize the feel or operation of the clutch?Thanks Don Black
I have a 2012 ZX-14R and wanted to purchase an aftermarket air filter. I don't see any on your website, but they appear to be the same shape and size of the Gen 1. Will a Gen 1 filter work?
Hi Brock, Whats the best brand or type of handelbar riser for 2012 ZX-14R?
I have a bone stock 06 zx14. Would you remove the flies and remap, or get the ecu reflash and leave the flies in ? Or do both remove flies and reflash ecu ? I understand the reflash has come a long way since the flies thing. I also will be installing a full exhaust system also. thank-you for your time.
I like the look of the Gen 3 carbon pipe for my 2012 black ZX14R, does it make similar power to the Alien Head 2 exhaust that's in your articles?
Where can I find a full exhaust system (race) with two canisters? How much do they cost? My motorcycle is Kawasaki ZZR 1400 (=ZX-14R), year 2007.
I have a 2013 kawasaki zx-14r with muzzy slip ons,map from muzzy,PC-5 and a tune. RWHP is 193.48. How much will the ecu improve this bike?
I plan on ordering front & rear brake lines and clutch lines for my 2012 ZX-14R. Which banjo bolts and washers (size, single, double, quantity of each, etc) do I need to order?
What banjo bolts are needed
I currently have an 09 zx14se with your dual brocks 14" short meg slip-on. I'm looking to expand to a full exhaust (4-2-1). Is it possible to buy just the header from you all? Or would I have to buy a complete exhaust? The motor is now 1417 with port/polished head. Thanks in advance for any help you may give.
Does Brocks have a PcV Map for the 2015 ZX14R (Track Map/Pump Gas) - Full Alien Head2 (Baffle In) - Dna Air Filter - Secondary flys removed?? Ordered the Full Ah2 PcV Dna filer from Brocks few days ago & its inbound atm, Its only Pump Gas/Track map. Just wanted to ask here before going thru the Map Assist process was all.
ZX-14R maps
What does the Brock's PClll programer do for the ZX14 2006. What kind of performance will I get out of it. Does it inhance the power of the bike?.

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Does Brocks have a PcV Map for the 2015 ZX14R (Track Map/Pump Gas) - Full Alien Head2 (Baffle In) - Dna Air Filter - Secondary flys removed?? Ordered the Full Ah2 PcV Dna filer from Brocks few days ago & its inbound atm, Its only Pump Gas/Track map. Just wanted to ask here before going thru the Map Assist process was all.
ZX-14R maps
Is there a O2 sensor hole in the alien head system I've ordered for my 2015 ZX14R?? Ps there was no sub menu for 2015 only 2006/2012. I have watched this vid by Ben @ Brocks Performance many times & there is no mention of it. Also if you have not seen it is a MUST watch for any 14R owner wanting to remove there body work for the 1st time
Hello, I have a 2013 ZX14R and was wondering what kind of gains I should expect when switching to the DNA air filter that you sell?
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