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Questions specific to the generation 1 Suzuki Hayabusa.

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Do you have a gear ratio calculator?
Calculate your gear ratios
I have a 2005 Hayabusa with your clutch mod. For some reason the clutches don't last long. What could be the problem?
Why has my FI light started coming on when the bike is decelerating? I cut the wires at the pressure switch for the clutch (so I could start the bike without pulling the clutch in).
I replaced the K&N air filter with the stock air filter and ran redline fuel injector cleaner thru the system. New result is 157.87 hp @ 92.61 ft/lbs. (higher ambient temp /lower humidity) When I changed the filter, the idle dropped, and I had to adjust the idle up to keep it running. I would think this is more restriction? The dyno shows the bike is now running richer than with the K&N filter, but producing more power?? People have suggested dyno tuning the bike, I wanted to get yor input before doing this.
My Suzuki GSX-R1000 (Or Hayabusa) misses and stalls abruptly when I pull the clutch lever in – Do I need a Map? Is my Power Commander bad?
How much power does your clutch cushion kit hold up to for the GSXR1000s and Busas? I have been using a lock up and have had nothing but problems.
I have the air box mod instructions for my GEN 1 Hayabusa. I don't have a Power Commander, but wanted to know if this modification would improve my mileage and horsepower. I have OEM air filter and Yoshimura Bling 22 4-into-2 exhaust.
Dyno Testing with a Sidewinder--baffle in or baffle Out?
What is the best oil and weight to run in my 1397 Hayabusa.
Regardless of the style/type of lowering links you offer, do I need to additionally purchase a shortened kickstand? I'm looking at the adjustable models for racing - will the stock kickstand still support the bike if I have dropped the rear?
I have a street megaphone on a Hayabusa with small box mod, stock filter, PC3USB, 87 pump gas? I have a flat spot with hesitation from 2500 to about 3300. Which map do you recommend for it? Don't want it to run too lean.
Will an intake cam on the exhaust side work with my slip on GP style short pipes on my 09 Hayausa? Or do I need to change the whole exhaust system for it to work?
2002 Hayabusa 1397. I have your piston kit, intake cam, exhaust cam, sidewinder. Also PC III USB, 10 inch over swingarm, 60hp shot wet nitrous. It has no air filter(block-off plate) and used as a track bike only. 1. What type of fuel do you rec? 2. Do you have a map available? 3. Should I run baffle or not? 4. What be proper gearing, I weigh 200 lbs? 5. I have a MRE lock-up, should I run your spring package as a baseline? 6. How much can you safely spray until you have to take timing out?
I just bought a Billet Cam Chain Tensioner and I was wondering if you had the spec on how to put the right amount of tension on the chain or how to set it up?
I originally thought when I installed the TRE, on my Suzuki Hayabusa, the mapping was changing when you shift through the gears but I believe the mapping isn't changing, it's just shutting down the fuel pump in 6th gear. Is my theory correct?
Does my Hayabusa drop-in piston modified engine need a better map than the standard one you sent?
If I use a lockup clutch, can I use a cushion kit? How do I know if I need new clutch components?
Why do I need to block my PAIR and will it affect my mapping?
I've got a 1397 Busa with web cams and headwork. It currently has a full muzzy system I brought in 2004. I want to go with the CT Single pipe. Will I pick up much in the 1/4? Is there really that much of a difference?
I have a 2008 Hayabusa with the following items; Power Commander with your supplied Map, Air Shifter, Brock’s Exhaust system. I'm running 9.4 the 1/4 of mile. Someone told me that the ignition module is necessary to run below the 9 seconds. Can you provide some advice?
I have a 07 Hayabusa I’d like to wake up a bit, my last bike was a stock 05 GSX-R1000. I'd like to also think reliability as I've got a touring set up for it to take 5 and 6 hour trips. From suggestions I'm looking at the intake cam for exhaust, your Gen3 pipe, Power Commander. And local guy mentioned removing a gasket that would bump the compression a half or so. ? got me... he is reputable wrench/builder though. Does any of this sound as good reliable set up for my 07 Hayabusa?
I've been using the map that was sent to me and I checked my plugs and it appears that I'm running on the lean side of things. There's some detonation going on and it's causing the plugs to loosen. I'm running 93 octane pump, should I switch to 100 octane?
When using the Brock's Performance Clutch Cushion Kit in my Hayabusa, what year OEM replacement clutch should I purchase?
I have a 2007 Hayabusa with your GEN 3 Streetsmart system and power commander. Based on your knowledge I have removed the TRE & K&N Filter. The bike now has flames coming out of the pipe? Any reason why? What could that be?
What is the highest compression ratio you guys have run milling of head to achieve it and what power gains for the Busa? (JE Flat Tops). What are the tightest piston to valve numbers you would be game to run? I will certainly be rechecking my MAC numbers when I take the lid off, my initial measurements were taken perpendicular to the pin with a .037 and .036 so I guess that averages to .0365?
What should clutch stack height be with your clutch cushion kit installed in a Gen 1 Busa?
What causes my stock 2007 Hayabusa to burn oil when warm, especially on deceleration? It still dynos a smoky 171 hp.
I have a Streetsmart 3 system with PC/USB for my Hayabusa. The rev limiter seems to kick in at 9500 and then the FI light flashes. I checked the trouble codes and get 32-35 which correspond to injector malfunction in all 4 cylinders, but the bike is running great. Any idea on what's going on?
I have an 05' Hayabusa with Brocks Air Lid and P.A.I.R. block offs. When I installed the block offs the bike would not stay running at idle and seemed to run rough. I purchased the Power Commander III and hoped this would solve my problem. Unfortunately no one seems to have a map for a bike with the PAIR valve removed. What am I supposed to do? I was trying to avoid taking the bike somewhere to have it dyno tuned but if I cant find a map this is my only option.
I am looking at your "Top End engine package" or the "piston kit with cams" for my Hayabusa. Assuming that these packages increase compression ratio, what octane fuel is needed to assure reliable operation? The best fuel I have around here is 90 octane at the pump.
1) Could you please advise me what is the advantage to using; the Cam Pin for 2008-2009 Hayabusa 2) I have a 5mm offset stroker crank (Muzzys) & 86mm bore offset big block. What is involved in fitting this 2004 crank in 2008 motor? 3) Will a 2008 busa throttle body fit a 2004 motor? 4) Either way, I'm planning on sending my 2004 head to you guys for the Street Chaos job & purchasing a set of Street Chaos cams as motor will be 1580cc.
I'm degreeing in two intake cams on my Busa and I would like to know what lobe centers to put them on. The motor is fairly stock with a Yosh header, 4-2-1 style with an exteneded arm, set up for 4 gears in a 1/4 mile and I weigh 220. Also, it has a Dyno Jet Power Commander and has been dyno tuned 159 H.P.
Can you tell me what approx comp ratio my Busa Race motor would be running? Your 84mm JE pistons, 10 thou off head, 36 thou piston-head, stock base and head gaskets. (02 Busa)I am getting the head built with 1mm oversize valves and I also want to get as much comp into the motor as “safely” possible. What are the tightest piston-head and valve-piston numbers you have seen used reliably? I realize that you might feel the need to give me fairly conservative numbers to cover your arse but I accept that if I bang my motor it is MY FAULT entirely.
What clutch spring setup would be good for my high horsepower Hayabusa and how much can it handle?
Had my first few passes with the Sidewinder and low profile oil pan on my 02 Hayabusa with 1397 motor this weekend. I got my bike a full 2 inches lower. I only got 5 passes in but already knocked 0.198 off my ET! Also, that’s after 5 months of no riding. I LOVE it. What 60’s should I be looking for? My best was a 1.49 but I know there is more in it as I can hit it so much harder off the line now. Also, I have the LM-1 data logger. What A/F ratio should I be aiming for?
Brock's, Please advise, I own an 2005 Busa 1394cc with a MTC Multi-stage Lock-Up, a MTC billet clutch basket and MTC inner hub. I want to stop using my lock-up and switch to your Clutch Cushion Kit instead; however, I want to keep using my MTC basket and inner hub. (Note that I have already purchased your clutch cushion kit #270500 and clutch spring spacer kit .280 thick #270435.) My question is, do I use your Clutch Cushion Kit HD and XHD springs and your Clutch Spring Spacer Kit .280 Thick together with my MTC hub and basket? I ask because I read Dragbike's March 21, 2003 "BDE Hayabusa Clutch Cushion System" article which mentions to use your "S13-CCK-MTC" with MTC lock-up unit. I am guessing that the nomenclature, "S13-CCK-MTC" is now your Clutch Spring Spacer Kit #270435; is this correct? Additionally, I read in the overview section of your Clutch Spring Spacer Kit .280 Thick, that it too mentions using with a MTC Inner Hub. Thanks much for any advise provided.
We have a Hayabusa with a VHM 1500cc for Street and Track. We are using the stock injectors and ECU with a PC3USB. Is that correct?
Will a gen1 sidewinder fit on gen2 hayabusa?
I have cams from my Gen 2 Hayabusa LSR bike that I’d like to use in my Gen 1 bike. I see your offset cam pin for going from Gen 1 to Gen 2, can I do the opposite? (Gen 2 cams in Gen 1 motor).
I have an 05' Hayabusa and Im getting a flat spot at around 2000 rpm. It seems to hold back until it gets through this rev range. Its ok when you accelerate hard but for slow riding its really annoying and quite dangerous. Any ideas or new mappings that may help.
I am running the PC ignition module on my 2006 Hayabusa. I was planning to use C12 but may also use C16 fuel because of a wet nitrous system I am using on a stock motor with an aftermarket fuel system. If you have maps for both I'd appreciate it. Race application is Land Speed. We're still working it out & planning. I am hoping to fire it up at the end of the weekend.
Can I use VP MR12 gas in my 1397 Busa?
Which one of your exhaust will be the loudest on a hayabusa?? I'm looking for a nice loud sound.
I own a stock 06 Limited Busa and want a street legal exhaust with a drag exhaust sound, without all the hustle of juice boxes, or dyno tests, just an easy bolt on and go product. What do you recommend?
I have an '07 Busa that I bought new but now I'm wanting to upgrade the exhaust. I am torn between the Short Alien Head and the Short Megaphone exhaust. What would be the difference in performance?
The piston kit for my 05 Suzuki Hayabusa, I’ve just receive, on three pistons, we are out of tolerance. We have 0.55/0.6mm on the second piston ring and on the notice it's 0.4! Is it normal or not? Can I put it on my block like that without negative action (smoke in the block)?
Do I need a different map for each setting to use the S-DMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector) on my bike.
I have an '05 busa with your mod and cushion. I need to know the proper stack height.
I had a few questions about the '08 Busa pistons. I was wondering what compression ratio your pistons are. How high can the compression be for a stock exhaust? We plan on doing cams and modifying the exhaust cans internally. I also have the thin Cometic head gasket if needed.
I have a 06 Hayabusa with full megaphone system. I currently use 93 Shell and I'm only getting 28 mpg (highway). Whats the best grade for my mpg and if I need to change grades can I? I'm reading forums that some people are getting 30-40 mpg(highway)
Do I just have to pull the flap out of my air box for the air box mod or do I have to cut the tunnel out where the flap was? And also my bike is in the rev limiter before it hits the red can I get some info on this also?
Is the -027B map ok to use with the air box mod on the 99-07 Busas? When using the track map, does the air cleaner have to be removed?
I have a 2003 Suzuki Hayabusa and I just bought a rear tire 300 kit. I need to buy a new exhaust system because I have a Tsukigi system and the slip on won't fit. I love the way your system sounds and I just want to see if there's a system that you guys sell for those kits?
I am building a stage 2 Velocity turbo Busa. I was told by a friend to remove the balancer on the crank. Hoping I might get your thoughts on this.
2001 turbo Hayabusa, about 300 hp to the rear wheel. What do you recommend for the clutch set up? I do not want to use a lock up. I currently have a set of Brock’s stiffer clutch springs springs.
If I use the 99-07 clutch cushion do I also have to use the 99-07 fibers along with the spring studs or can I use the 08 fibers along with the 99-07 spring studs?
I have a 2005 Busa with 1394 motor and a MTC Multi-stage lock up clutch with MTC Light Springs (static) (180 lbs pressure I believe). In your FAQs section you mentioned that you have used your Cushion Kit with a Lock-up Clutch. Did you have to use heavier static springs when using the Cushion Kit with the Lock-up Kit vs when not using the Cushion Kit?
Heavy duty springs with spacers and lock up
I am going to be installing one of your sidewinder exhausts on my 2008 Gen II Busa, I wlll be removing the oil cooler. Do the bock off plates off a Gen I work on the Gen II. Does the sidewinder exhaust off Gen I fit Gen 2. Also heard that you're suppose to remove the oil filter and remove a plug thats in there at about 1 oclock location that is used to divert oil to the oil cooler and since removing the cooler should also remove the plug?
Gen 1 and Gen 2 fitment
Have you had any issues with "YOUR" 1397 kit and overheating? I have read that is an issue with some kits and I live in Phoenix, AZ and do ride my Busa regularly in addition to the track.
1397 Overheating issues
Which one is the louder exhaust the alien head or the generation 3 exhaust. An with the full system does that include the headers. For a 2006 hayabusa
Why does the idle increase after about 10 minutes of riding on my 1361 Hayabusa with basic head clean up and Alien Head system?
I have mounted the clutch cushion kit on my Busa. Now I’m mounting a lock up clutch. Do I have to do anything with the spring pressure or will the springs that followed the cushion kit work well?
Will I need a new map if I take out the secondary butterflies on my 05 Busa?
Out of the Gen3 StreetSmart system, Street Megaphone, and the Alien Head systems, which would be best for my 06 Busa for street riding and top end on highway? Which one will give me the most performance out of the three systems?
I have an 07 Busa. I had the Brock’s Street Meg and bare necessities kit installed and now my Speedo is off. Is this normal or should I take it back to the shop? How can I fix this problem?
What is the preferred piston setup for a 1507 Hayabusa engine used for Land Speed Racing? DaveO referred to Brock's "JE piston's made to BDE spec's 84mm." What is the best current exhaust system for this bike as well?
Do you have any plans of producing the CT single full system for the Gen 1 Busa? If not what is the fitment difference compared to the Gen 2 Busa CT single system?
I have a 2004 Hayabusa. I replaced the exhaust cam with an intake cam. degreed it 105 int and 105 exhaust. Would you recommend an exhaust system.
Should I expect to see any HP gains going from the Gen3 to the Sidewinder on my Busa?
How do I keep the tail from hitting the rear tire on my 2004 Hayabusa with an 8" swingarm extension?
I don't understand the note for the camshaft sensor to be set at 7mm on my 03 Hayabusa. Can you help me because I don't see any modification on the camshaft?
On The CT Series Systems Headers..What Is The Difference Between The gen1 And Gen2 Headers?
Difference between Gen1 & Gen2
Can I use the "08 or "09 Busa clutch plates and fibers (the proper numbers) setup on my "05 busa (in the brock clutch- Mod sequence)?
Will a Gen1 clutch cushion kit work in a Gen2 Busa?
If I use your pipe will it smash the header's if I come down from a wheelie? I weigh 300 lbs and have a 1430 Hayabusa that is stock wheel base.
Does the Speedo Healer also disable or sneak its way around the factory speed limiter ?
I'm looking into getting one of your exhausts. Which one would you recommend for my 04 hayabusa with stock engine? I will later be adding top end mods, but for right now I am looking at the 4-2-1 Sidewinder or the Street Megaphone systems.
Hi there, I'm looking to upgrade the clutch on my 06 busa. Its ridden on weekends and is at the track about once a month. Can you make a suggestion as to what parts I should be upgrading? Would you be able to send me a link to the piece(s) you suggest? I'm hoping to cut a few tenths off at the track, and have a clutch that can handle some extra power down the road. Thanks
I have a 2000 Busa and I'm using stock steels and fibers. On your directions you don’t show the thick steel plates in your drawing. Do I use them or not? You also show two steel plates with round side facing away from engine in drawing and the directions only say the first steel plate round side is facing away from engine. What way should it be done?
Are the primaries on the Gen1 Hayabusa the same as the Gen2 Hayabusa? I am asking this as I have a line on a set (of Gen1 primaries) which if I purchase I want to put on my 2009 B-King with a custom mid pipe.
I just received the maps for my 04 hayabusa with a full street meg/stock air box used for mostly high performance street riding. I'm curious if the track map can be used on the street with pump gas with out danger/harming my bike? Or am I better off using the street tune?
What map to use
My 03 Busa has 13000 miles on it, could I still use the Busa stock bore drop in kit or do I have too many miles on my bike?
I have your drop in cam kit and have changed heads on my 05 Busa. I can not find the valve lash settings to save my life. Could you please send this info again?
Why not remove the bracket altogether instead of just the 3 screws holding the PAIR valve block off kit for a 99-07 Hayabusa?
I have a 99 Busa. You say don't use an after market airfilter, but how about the air box modification? Will it help with a stock filter?
Will the S13-Brick work on the 08 Busa?
I currently have a Gen 3 on my Hayabusa. I want to install your Sidewinder System. Will I need a different MAP if I install the Sidewinder?
I've got a 1430, 6 1/4 stroker, carpenter motor in 64 inch all motor Busa. What pipe do you recommend?
Will the Alien Head system for 99-07 Busa fit the 08 Busa?
I have a 2000 1397 with Brock pipe and mods. The bike ran great for years. All of a sudden the bike runs really bad when I give it half to full throttle when the temperature gage gets to about the half mark. It fills like the off switch is being cut off & on until I back off the throttle. The last time I rode it I noticed when my gas was below a quarter of tank it was a lot worst under normal riding. What do you think the problem is? Thanks
Hey guys wonder if you can help me out. I've been looking around for full exhaust system for my hayabusa 2007. I've been looking at your twinder titanium street version exhaust and your alien head. I want to get as much hp as I can . Can you guys recommend one for me. Thank you.
Alien head vs tiwinder
Wondering which power commander I should purchase. Either the pc 3 or the pc5 what do you guys recommend. Driving a hayabuda 07
Does a TRE make the motorcycle accelerate more slowly when shifting through gears due to the TRE being set at a specific gear?

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Wondering which power commander I should purchase. Either the pc 3 or the pc5 what do you guys recommend. Driving a hayabuda 07
Hey guys wonder if you can help me out. I've been looking around for full exhaust system for my hayabusa 2007. I've been looking at your twinder titanium street version exhaust and your alien head. I want to get as much hp as I can . Can you guys recommend one for me. Thank you.
Alien head vs tiwinder
I have a 2000 1397 with Brock pipe and mods. The bike ran great for years. All of a sudden the bike runs really bad when I give it half to full throttle when the temperature gage gets to about the half mark. It fills like the off switch is being cut off & on until I back off the throttle. The last time I rode it I noticed when my gas was below a quarter of tank it was a lot worst under normal riding. What do you think the problem is? Thanks
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