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Questions about fuel injection maps and mapping. Primarily Brock's Performance Dynojet Power Commander based.

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Would Brock’s Performance create an ECU flash with ignition timing so aggressive that I would be forced to run race gas all of the time?
I replaced the K&N air filter with the stock air filter and ran redline fuel injector cleaner thru the system. New result is 157.87 hp @ 92.61 ft/lbs. (higher ambient temp /lower humidity) When I changed the filter, the idle dropped, and I had to adjust the idle up to keep it running. I would think this is more restriction? The dyno shows the bike is now running richer than with the K&N filter, but producing more power?? People have suggested dyno tuning the bike, I wanted to get yor input before doing this.
Why was I was sent PC3 USB maps when I have a PCV?
Is it ok to mix race gas and pump gas with Brock's maps?
Can you send me a map with the secondary throttle plates removed for a GSX-R1000? Also does Pair valve sucker mod in place mean that the Pair valve has been removed?
How do I interpret the map names/abbreviations?
Am I eligible for map support if I purchased my Brock's Performance exhaust system USED?
Will I lose the map in my Power Commander if I unhook my battery?
Lose my PC map
Can I buy maps?
I have a street megaphone on a Hayabusa with small box mod, stock filter, PC3USB, 87 pump gas? I have a flat spot with hesitation from 2500 to about 3300. Which map do you recommend for it? Don't want it to run too lean.
I have removed the secondary butterflies on my GSXR 1000, will this affect the map for NOS and MRX01? Also, if I wanted to run pump gas most of the time and MRX01 in grudge matches would the map need changing or should I get it dyno tuned to be on the safe side anyway?
2002 Hayabusa 1397. I have your piston kit, intake cam, exhaust cam, sidewinder. Also PC III USB, 10 inch over swingarm, 60hp shot wet nitrous. It has no air filter(block-off plate) and used as a track bike only. 1. What type of fuel do you rec? 2. Do you have a map available? 3. Should I run baffle or not? 4. What be proper gearing, I weigh 200 lbs? 5. I have a MRE lock-up, should I run your spring package as a baseline? 6. How much can you safely spray until you have to take timing out?
How can Brock's get mapping so close?
Can I purchase Brock's Performance custom maps to download and get more HP?
Can I use older PC3 USB maps in the newer PCV Power Commanders?
Does my Hayabusa drop-in piston modified engine need a better map than the standard one you sent?
What is your take on E85 Fuel? Should I use it in my motorcycle?
I was reading on a forum where people are "claiming" that when they remove the baffle on their ZX-14s with the stock motor they loose low to mid range power and the bike won't launch hard. Have you experienced this problem when you test systems or are they leaving out details like not using correct map and other mods? Does removing the baffle require a different map?"
Does Brock's Performance offer Bazzaz Map Support?
My 2007 Kawasaki ZX -14 bike is running absolutely great. Question -- Will it affect your fuel map in any way, if I change the front chain sprocket from a standard 17 tooth down to a 16 tooth sprocket, and leave the standard 41 tooth sprocket on the rear wheel?
I've been using the map that was sent to me and I checked my plugs and it appears that I'm running on the lean side of things. There's some detonation going on and it's causing the plugs to loosen. I'm running 93 octane pump, should I switch to 100 octane?
My bike runs horribly, is it the map?
I bought a 07 ZX-14 and would like the low end power gain. I would like your recommendation on pipe, your mapping, and flies removed. I am in Colorado and ride through the mountains from time to time, please advise for I am confused.
If your Street Meg & Gen 3 pipe both share the same exact front header pipe, how is it that the Smeg able to produce more horsepower then the Gen 3? A friend of mine has one of your pipes and got a motorcycle shop to install it along with a power commander. The shop didn't use the map Brock's had supplied and said they preferred to custom map the bike. What is the advantage or disadvantage, if any of doing it this way over using the mapping you supply?
Can I use Brock's maps with fuels in different countries?
I just installed a Two Brothers full system on a ZX12R, it still has stock air cleaners, should I get after market air cleaners for full benefit? Do you have any recommended maps?
I just received maps from the Brock’s Map Support and they won’t load into my Power Commander. What should I do now?
Problems Loading Map
I just installed Brocks ct dual full system on my 2013 zx14r. it had a pcv with an all 0 map in it.(dealer installed as well as alien head slippons I replaced with the full system) I road it to work (40 miles each way) for 2 days, and played with all types of standing starts,roll-ons, etc and was grinning from ear to ear. I received three maps from Brocks, street pump gas---track pump gas---, and track race gas. We installed the street pump gas map at work were I have multiple laptops and a computer guru(which I am not). I then road the 40 miles home trying to make legitimate comparisons to the "no map" acceleration test from the two days before. I realize that seat of the pants can be deceiving, but I've been riding and racing for 54 years. With that said, the bike now seems to be fluffy or soft between about 3000 and 5500 rpm in roll-ons. If you leave hard from a standing start it seems to pull right through. I know the flies can enter into this, but why would it seem to do better with "no map" than the street map. It was rainy and very humid that first day of test. I rode to work, today, it is cool and dry it and "seemed" to do much better.Should I try the pump gas race map, is my seat of the pants dyno all wrong, could the weather affect it that much, your thoughts and or your instructions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration. cordially, Robby Byrd
Im buying a short meg 2 for my 08 busa this week, i have a power commander V with autotune, do i need to load the brocks map and then let the auto tune take over or will the auto tune tune it correctly without a base map? Essentially does the autotune do away with the brocks map on the PC? Thanks paul
I purchased your stage 2 kit for my H2 and my goal is to get the bike above 230mph. Was wondering what your opinion would be on putting a 60 shot nitrous system? Think it's to much for the motor? Also, would I benefit from an Ignition Module from Dynojet?
Ninja H2 and Nitrous
Can I get 2 new maps for my Busa. One for pump gas and one for MR12 with the following mods: 1397 block with flat top pistons, head done, stock intake cam, intake cam on exhaust side (105/106) valve springs air box mod/BMC race filter, Brock's sidewinder with baffle
I was just wondering what your thoughts (pros & cons) were on using a TRE on a 2005 GSX-R1000. Does it require different mapping and what rpm range does it help?
Which is the best fuel control system? The Bazzaz with an auto tuner or the PCV with an Auto Tuner? I have a K&N air filter with the Brocks Alien Head full system.
I just put my ZX-14 back together. The head is ported by Spaz and I degreed the cams. Also has JE 13.5:1 pistons and Carrillo rods. Smeg, flies out, BMC race filter. I put the SS map you sent me in and used 93 pump gas. It starts and idles great but I tried to take it for a ride and it was bogging and dying on me bad. I thought it was too rich, but pulled a plug and it was very clean, looks lean?! I am just trying to convince myself there's nothing wrong with it and it just needs mapped. Is there anything else that could be causing this that I can check.
Will running MR12 require mapping changes compared to Brock's street maps?
I have aftermarket or 'different than stock' velocity stacks, do I need a new map?
I installed one of your maps into my bike, it runs fine if the throttle is wide open but I'm having flat spots at cruise speeds around 3000 3500 rpm and 5000 to 5500 rpm and my bike backfires when letting off the throttle.
Is a Power Commander mandatory, or will the stock ECU adapt to the new pipe?
What is the best octane for the best fuel MPG? Do you have suggestions to improve my fuel mileage?
I have a K&N with your street smart carbon fiber system. Our humidity, temp, and dewpoint are MUCH DIFFERENT than your area. Humidity and temperature combo is especially different. What should I do?
I am running the PC ignition module on my 2006 Hayabusa. I was planning to use C12 but may also use C16 fuel because of a wet nitrous system I am using on a stock motor with an aftermarket fuel system. If you have maps for both I'd appreciate it. Race application is Land Speed. We're still working it out & planning. I am hoping to fire it up at the end of the weekend.
I have a full brocks shortmeg exhaust fitted on my bike with a K&N air filter, PC5 with your custom map downloaded on my 2007 GSX-R 1000. I recently had Don Guhl Flash my ECU. He recommended that I remove the TRE. I was just wondering if that was correct? Also, do I now need to have the bike tuned on a dyno?
What does my $25 Map Support Transfer Fee get me?
I notice a huge difference in the Pump Gas Track map fuel added at 100% throttle starting at around 7k rpm's compared to the other maps. Is this correct?
I just installed Brock’s ShortMeg full system with the PCIII on my 2008 Hayabusa. Install went very well and runs great, no backfiring etc. But the one issue I do have is the idle now pulsates from 1100 to around 1200 or 1250…just a light bounce. It was very steady. Is this an issue? Is the map the correct one?
Do I need a different map for each setting to use the S-DMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector) on my bike.
Is a Power Commander mandatory or will the stock ECU adapt to the new pipe?
I recently had Block Off plates installed and emissions removed and added a K&N air filter on my ZX14. I just wanted to know, do I need to change the map or am I still good running the No Sec Street map? Also I ride all year and temps are starting to stay below 40, does that require any MAP modifications? I use my bike for just about every type of riding but going to the track. I will do roll-ons until I hit the top end.
I have a 06 Hayabusa with full megaphone system. I currently use 93 Shell and I'm only getting 28 mpg (highway). Whats the best grade for my mpg and if I need to change grades can I? I'm reading forums that some people are getting 30-40 mpg(highway)
Do I need a Brock's Performance map for use with my Dynojet Secondary Fuel Module (S.F.M.) ?
I just bought a PC5 for my bike and I'm going to install the ShortMeg Brock's full exhaust. I've already received maps for a PC3. Can I apply them to the PC5?
PCIII to PCV map conversion
Is the -027B map ok to use with the air box mod on the 99-07 Busas? When using the track map, does the air cleaner have to be removed?
Does Brock recommend mixing pump gas and racing fuels?
If I don't have the 9 volt adapter for my pc3, will I use the power from the bike?
I put a K&N filter in my bike before I read your post about leaving the stock filter. Should I put the stock one back in? I am going to install an ignition module and quick shift, will I need a new map for that?
I have an 08 Busa and plan on purchasing an exhaust from you. I wanted to see if you had a map for the BMC street filter and 93 octane gas?
Of the street map, race map and maxton map, which could I use for the track with a 30 shot dry kit on my ZX-14?
My bike is down 3,4,5 or more MPH in the 1/4 mile... do I need a new map?
Will it hurt my bike to install the pipe without the power commander right away?
Exhaust without map
I have your Alien Head exhaust and PC3. I have just moved from Europe to El Paso, TX. The bike is hesitating and back firing a lot. I am told it is because of the high elevation. Keeping in mind I have yet to reinstall your street map, what shall I do? Will installing the street map take care of this or do you have another map for high elevation. Also, what ever the recommendation, please explain how high elevation affects the drivability of the bike.
I put my ZX-14 on the Dyno yesterday and made 189hp and 113 for TQ with your Smeg and track map... It starts to run super rich between 4200 and 5000rpms and dips down to 11:1 AFR. Will this change with the bike moving and ram air working?
A/F ratio question
Will the ShortMeg conversion kit work with other exhaust systems? I have a Yoshimura TRS full exhaust. If so would I qualify for a racing map?
I just received my maps but need help getting them in the power commander from the computer.
I have booked some dyno time for my 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa. If you can give me a base map that would be awesome so I can head out to the dyno.
My bike hesitates? How can I fix it? What map could I use to help cure this problem?
I loaded your map, but it caused my RPMs and speedo to be displaying incorrectly. Now I seem to be going slower than what it reads. Did I do something wrong?
Why does Brock not provide maps for every bike and engine even when modified?
I have one of your track maps in my bike and I think the bike is running a little rich. I have a wideband and I was wondering what air fuel ratio I should try to achieve?
What happens if you send the map to the power commander multiple times?
How do I check to see if my maps are loaded or installed onto my Power Commander?
Question #1: What is the difference between Street and Track maps? Question #2: Is elevation a factor when it comes to tuning?
The map that you sent will not open on my computer.
I have a PC ll but no software to hook up to my computer. Can you assist me in loading the proper maps I need?
Will I need to install a different MAP if I use the Noise Reduction Plug (BPP-NRP)?
I just received the maps for my 04 hayabusa with a full street meg/stock air box used for mostly high performance street riding. I'm curious if the track map can be used on the street with pump gas with out danger/harming my bike? Or am I better off using the street tune?
What map to use
Can the wrong MAP damage my bike?
When you order an exhaust and pcv (power commander) does the pcv come already mapped for plug an play?
Map in Power Commander
I currently have a Gen 3 on my Hayabusa. I want to install your Sidewinder System. Will I need a different MAP if I install the Sidewinder?
If I install slip-on Alien exhausts on my ZX14-R, would I need a map and PC or not needed? No racing just a street rider.
I ordered a pcv with a ct meg street map but i got one thats say alienhead on it. What kind of problems will i have with this map as it is not the right one?
Will a Power Commander hurt my stock 2009 Hayabusa with only 1 mile on it?
What is the difference between a map for 1/8 mile and a map for 1/4 mile?
Does a TRE make the motorcycle accelerate more slowly when shifting through gears due to the TRE being set at a specific gear?

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I have a full brocks shortmeg exhaust fitted on my bike with a K&N air filter, PC5 with your custom map downloaded on my 2007 GSX-R 1000. I recently had Don Guhl Flash my ECU. He recommended that I remove the TRE. I was just wondering if that was correct? Also, do I now need to have the bike tuned on a dyno?
If I install slip-on Alien exhausts on my ZX14-R, would I need a map and PC or not needed? No racing just a street rider.
I purchased your stage 2 kit for my H2 and my goal is to get the bike above 230mph. Was wondering what your opinion would be on putting a 60 shot nitrous system? Think it's to much for the motor? Also, would I benefit from an Ignition Module from Dynojet?
Ninja H2 and Nitrous
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