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General and specific questions relating to our various exhaust systems.

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Do you recommend baffle in or baffle out?
I have a Brock's Performance exhaust system and no receipt. What do I do to gain access to the owners group and mapping?
Used exhaust purchase, owners group access
What is the definition of a USED exhaust system to obtain Map Support?
If you replace your stock pipe with an aftermarket pipe, would a power commander be necessary?
What are the expected gains going from stock everything to a Brock's Full Exhaust and PCV with Map in a GSX-R1000? I know there are a few more factors involved in this equation but I would like rough estimate. Thanks
How do I register my Brock's Performance Exhaust System, receive Map Support and gain access to the StreetSmart Owners Section (Private) - all in one step?
Dyno Testing with a Sidewinder--baffle in or baffle Out?
Will an intake cam on the exhaust side work with my slip on GP style short pipes on my 09 Hayausa? Or do I need to change the whole exhaust system for it to work?
2002 Hayabusa 1397. I have your piston kit, intake cam, exhaust cam, sidewinder. Also PC III USB, 10 inch over swingarm, 60hp shot wet nitrous. It has no air filter(block-off plate) and used as a track bike only. 1. What type of fuel do you rec? 2. Do you have a map available? 3. Should I run baffle or not? 4. What be proper gearing, I weigh 200 lbs? 5. I have a MRE lock-up, should I run your spring package as a baseline? 6. How much can you safely spray until you have to take timing out?
Can you run a full exhaust with out a power commander or bazzaz box... or do you just need these for oxygen sensor bypass?
Why do I need to block my PAIR and will it affect my mapping?
I've got a 1397 Busa with web cams and headwork. It currently has a full muzzy system I brought in 2004. I want to go with the CT Single pipe. Will I pick up much in the 1/4? Is there really that much of a difference?
I have a '07 ZX14 and I'm considering your Street Meg pipe but have a few questions. 1)I already have a PC3 Power Commander and the secondary throttle plates out(map 011),what horsepower and torque gain can I expect after remapping with your pipe? 2)What is the cost including shipping to Edmonton,Ab.Canada including all fees? 3)Does a full system have an advantage over slip-ons other than weight saving?
I had a shop install a Streetmeg on my 2008 ZX14 and it started to leak lots of motor oil from the top of engine. What do you think went wrong with the install? Is it coming from the air box or valve cover gasket? Did they plug up the wrong port or hole.?
I have a Street Megaphone system on my 07' ZX-14. Does the Alien head offer any more horsepower? Any less? I like its design and would like to get it but I am not ready to give up performance.
I own an '07 ZX14 with PCIIIUSB, Roaring Toyz low-exit megaphone exhaust, Pipercross air filter & a custom map by a local custom tuner. Not too happy with the results & other people & tuners have told me it's the pipe. A common recommendation is the Brock's ShortMeg. Is there or has there been any testing against these 2 exhausts. Any comments or advice would greatly be appreciated.
What are the differences between 2006 and 2008 Alien Head slip-ons for a Kawasaki ZX-14?
Have you all received any complaints of people (mainly drag racers) burning their leg with the Alien Head pipe?
I love the Alien Head slip on look. How does the sound level compare to others on the market? Is it louder than the full system?
I have a 2007 Hayabusa with your GEN 3 Streetsmart system and power commander. Based on your knowledge I have removed the TRE & K&N Filter. The bike now has flames coming out of the pipe? Any reason why? What could that be?
Hello. I installed a PCV on my bmw s1000rr. Is there something else I need to do? (for example removing O2 sensors, block the pair valve). Not going to use the Autotune.
I have a ZX14 that I want to put a sidewinder on, but first I have a few questions: Do you need a cut oil pan? Can you remove the oil filter without removing the pipe? Do you have to remove your oil cooler? Is the rear brake usable after install?
If your Street Meg & Gen 3 pipe both share the same exact front header pipe, how is it that the Smeg able to produce more horsepower then the Gen 3? A friend of mine has one of your pipes and got a motorcycle shop to install it along with a power commander. The shop didn't use the map Brock's had supplied and said they preferred to custom map the bike. What is the advantage or disadvantage, if any of doing it this way over using the mapping you supply?
Replacement parts such as headers and mid pipes..Does Brock sell these items individually or if the part is damage you have to purchase a whole new full system? ..I see there is no section on yur site for order replacement parts other than mufflers
I had a brocks alien head full system installed on my 2008 gsxr 1000 and I just noticed that the plug on the mid pipe is missing. It was in the mid pipe when I received my exhaust system, so did the guys install my exhaust correctly and what should I do?
I have a 2010 BMW S1000RR and the bike comes stock with titanium headers. With the exception of a louder sound and weight reduction, in what way will a Brocks full exhaust benefit me in terms of HP output etc.?
Is there a difference between the 02 gsxr-1000 and 05 Brock's alien head slip on? I've heard you can run 05 headers on an 02?
I am trying to choose between the Brock's Alien Head full system or a sidewinder. My bike has a stock motor, but in the future it will be built. I was wondering which exhaust would be the best for a stock motor, but I also want to use the same exhaust when I get the engine built. I want the right exhaust that is going to get me peak performance.
I thought I might have an exhaust leak around the header flanges, so I took my bike (08 Busa) to the dealership and had the exhaust gaskets replaced. The sound is still there and they say it is common with aftermarket exhausts. Is this the case?
I have the full CT titanium on my s1krr. It gets a little too much attention on the street and I would like to move to the quietkore. Is there a trade-in or conversion possibility? It has 1 season on it. Thanks-
How do I gain access to Brock's Private StreetSmart Owners Section?
In regards to the Ninja H2 full exhaust system, what type of gains could I expect over my current setup? Here are a list of my mods; No Cat & Slip-on, ECU Flash (14K rev limit), DNA Filter, PC5 Tuned. It made 186hp with a 1.21 correction factor in Albuquerque stock and 238hp with my current mods (1.19 correction factor). What gains will the full system net me?
H2 Full Exhaust Gains
What are your thoughts on wrapping my exhaust; good or bad idea?
After my ride today I noticed that the end of my exhaust pipe was wet with a very watery substance. Normally it is dry more like soot. I was wondering what could this be caused by?
I'm currently considering my options for an exhaust and I had a few questions. First, is the slip on pipe the exact same as the full exhaust muffler minus the header?
Will a gen1 sidewinder fit on gen2 hayabusa?
I have a 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa with an Alien Head full system. I have noticed a sound coming from the front that sounds like an exhaust leak. I took the bike to the dealership and had the exhaust gaskets replaced. I still hear the sound and the Dealership states this is common with an aftermarket exhaust. Is this common with the Alien Head systems?
How much HP will a nose reduction plug cost me in my CT Meg on my 2013 BMW1000rr
Is a Power Commander mandatory, or will the stock ECU adapt to the new pipe?
I am getting an 08 Hayabusa and would like to install new slip ons to replace the stock mufflers, but the mufflers I would like to use are your CT Series. My question: can I get just the CT Canisters or do I have to get the complete system?
Which one of your exhaust will be the loudest on a hayabusa?? I'm looking for a nice loud sound.
I own a stock 06 Limited Busa and want a street legal exhaust with a drag exhaust sound, without all the hustle of juice boxes, or dyno tests, just an easy bolt on and go product. What do you recommend?
For a 2013 zx14r. Which exhaust (full or slip on) is street legal in California? What is the weight savings and HP gain? Does it also require power commander? Thanks!
Do you have maps for slip-ons?
If I don't want to put your exhaust and pc5 on my ZX-14R at this time, can I still flash the ecu on the stock bike to get rid of the safe mode and increase the max rpm etc.?
I have an '07 Busa that I bought new but now I'm wanting to upgrade the exhaust. I am torn between the Short Alien Head and the Short Megaphone exhaust. What would be the difference in performance?
Are Brock's Performance exhaust systems approved for European Street use?
When I swapped out the clunky stock exhaust (2008 GSX-R1000) for my shiny new Brock’s system, I did not pull off the old exhaust gaskets. Does the new system need new gaskets? I did not see any replacements in the kit.
Why does my bike get less gas mileage after I installed your exhaust system? Primary use is street, but stoplight drags are frequent. Only the exhaust with O2 plug was added to the bike.
I want to buy the loudest and best performance exhaust for my 2012 zx 14r. Please tell me should I put the Alien Head 2 in 14" or 20"?
Performance Exhaust
Are there any real performance gains with ceramic coating your exhaust systems? If so, do you recommend coating the inside or outside?
How much better is your TiWinder vs. your regular Sidewinder?
Is a Power Commander mandatory or will the stock ECU adapt to the new pipe?
Do you think the Alien Head exhaust will work with a 330 dual sided swingarm?
I'm trying to decide which system sounds better, Alien Head or Short Megaphone. Which one has the deepest tone and which one sounds louder?
How come the welds on your stainless exhaust systems aren't as good looking as other manufacturers?
Exhaust Welds Explained
I am always looking to cool down the riding experience on my motorcycle. Do you recommend using any type of exhaust wrap?
I'm considering whether to buy a CT Megaphone Full System 17" Muffler ZX-14 (06-12). The reason I'm considering is because of the oil plug and oil filter. Is it necessary to take off the muffler when I change the oil and filter? If there isn't a problem I would buy this exhaust system(Brock's mufflers are very cool).
Easy oil filter change
CT single exhaust - do we use only one spring per spring tab on the flange to hold the header pipes. Are the 4 "left-over" springs spares?
Exhaust springs
I just purchased a 2008 Busa and wanted to ask about the Alien head pipe and what type of map should I request. Which one (map) would give me the most power for street use?
Why is it that the inside of my brock exhaust and headers are glowing red as I ride
Glowing headers
I have a 2003 Suzuki Hayabusa and I just bought a rear tire 300 kit. I need to buy a new exhaust system because I have a Tsukigi system and the slip on won't fit. I love the way your system sounds and I just want to see if there's a system that you guys sell for those kits?
I have a 2006 ZX-14 and I'm installing a 240 wide tire kit that's extended 6 inches. Do you have an exhaust that will fit?
How often should I repack the muffler on my Alien Head exhaust system?
Do you make a 4 into 1 exhaust system?
I have a zx14 with a smeg, no flies, no filter, and your track map. Will I gain anything from removing the baffle and would I need to change maps?
Will it hurt my bike to install the pipe without the power commander right away?
Exhaust without map
On an 08-12 Busa does the stock oxygen sensor go back in the exhaust? The opening for it is blocked off.
I am going to be installing one of your sidewinder exhausts on my 2008 Gen II Busa, I wlll be removing the oil cooler. Do the bock off plates off a Gen I work on the Gen II. Does the sidewinder exhaust off Gen I fit Gen 2. Also heard that you're suppose to remove the oil filter and remove a plug thats in there at about 1 oclock location that is used to divert oil to the oil cooler and since removing the cooler should also remove the plug?
Gen 1 and Gen 2 fitment
Would the dual ShortMeg slip-on system for the Kawasaki ZX-14R be considered street legal in TN?
My exhaust installation went smooth and everything had good clearance except for the oil filter near the left header pipe which is so tight you can't pass a sales card between filter and pipe. Is this typical or can the header pipes be shifted somewhat to the right to gain clearance on my ZX-14?
Tight exhaust fitment
Will the ShortMeg conversion kit work with other exhaust systems? I have a Yoshimura TRS full exhaust. If so would I qualify for a racing map?
Which one is the louder exhaust the alien head or the generation 3 exhaust. An with the full system does that include the headers. For a 2006 hayabusa
I am buying a Kawasaki H2 and I am wondering what is the loudest full system exhaust? What the db level is exactly without a baffle. Thank you.
H2 db levels
What is the difference between the ShortMeg and the Alien Head?
What is the hp gain from adding your dual slipons to a stock zx14 with the flies out?
Slip-on horsepower
Out of the Gen3 StreetSmart system, Street Megaphone, and the Alien Head systems, which would be best for my 06 Busa for street riding and top end on highway? Which one will give me the most performance out of the three systems?
Can the TiWinder be used with the stock oil pan or does it have to be installed with a lower profile oil pan? On the 08 Busa, can the oil cooler still be used with this exhaust?
What is the preferred piston setup for a 1507 Hayabusa engine used for Land Speed Racing? DaveO referred to Brock's "JE piston's made to BDE spec's 84mm." What is the best current exhaust system for this bike as well?
Do you have any plans of producing the CT single full system for the Gen 1 Busa? If not what is the fitment difference compared to the Gen 2 Busa CT single system?
I've got an 07' ZX14 and I'm looking for an exhaust system for it. The only question is with only a PCIII, TRE, and exhaust how much of a difference in power would a full system make over slip-ons?
Is the header design on the Gen2 and the Gen3 the same or different? Or is it the canister? What is the horse power difference between the two types?
I've been looking at the 4-2-1 brocks sidewinder, I'm lowered 2 1/2 in the rear and 1 in the front. My bike is stock! How much does it limit my right hand turning? Also do I have to cut my plastics to make this fit?
Should I expect to see any HP gains going from the Gen3 to the Sidewinder on my Busa?
Why is the part of the exhaust pipe on the Sidewinder that is right near the cut out of the fairing not chromed or polished? You can see the welding and discoloration? Can something be done about it? It would look much better.
I have a 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa and I purchased one of your CT single exhaust systems. What torque spec do you use on the header flanges?
CT single header flanges torque
I currently have an alien head on my Gen 2 Busa and the header is slightly smashed, so I'm considering getting your 4-2-1 sidewinder. My question is, what type of power increase can I expect with your 4-2-1 sidewinder, running it without a baffle. Basically I would like to know the advantages of a sidewinder.
How much power is lost when the head pipes gets smashed?
Why didn’t my TiWinder exhaust system have new exhaust gaskets in the kit?
I have a full stainless Gen 3 exhaust system I purchased from you a few years back. Unfortuately the bike was dropped on the right side and scratched the Carbon Fiber sleeve ahead of the rear footpeg. Muffler was not damaged or sleeve was not cracked.
Does the oil cooler have to be removed to install a Sidewinder on my 2006 Hayabusa?
If I use your pipe will it smash the header's if I come down from a wheelie? I weigh 300 lbs and have a 1430 Hayabusa that is stock wheel base.
I have a 2007 GSXR-1000 with a Brock's Shortmeg and would like to know if the lowcut oil pan will fit on my bike with no problem?
I'm looking into getting one of your exhausts. Which one would you recommend for my 04 hayabusa with stock engine? I will later be adding top end mods, but for right now I am looking at the 4-2-1 Sidewinder or the Street Megaphone systems.
I have a 2012 ZX-14R and I'm trying to decide between the CT dual and the Alien Head 2 exhaust. My bike is a street bike that will spend 90% of its time on the drag strip. I like the look of the CT dual and I know the Alien Head is very lightweight. How do they compare with power/weight? What are your thoughts?
I will soon be purchasing your Brocks sidewinder exhaust for my 06 R1 for drag racing this year. Looking at several pics and reading up on performance systems I noticed that the headers are very close to the oil filter. Will I still be able to do my oil change and replace the oil filter without having to remove the exhaust?
Will I need to install a different MAP if I use the Noise Reduction Plug (BPP-NRP)?
Are the primaries on the Gen1 Hayabusa the same as the Gen2 Hayabusa? I am asking this as I have a line on a set (of Gen1 primaries) which if I purchase I want to put on my 2009 B-King with a custom mid pipe.
Good morning Brock and Staff, I own a 2013 ZX-14R I bought a couple of bolt ons from you so far as I did with my Busa..anyway the bike has a Akropovic system on it (installed by original owner), I would like to put a Brocks can on it, either alien head or CT, do you know if I can install this can on this system? Thank you Marc Goldberg
I am considering installing your Alien Head exhaust system on my 2011 Busa and a Power Commander V with your street map pre installed. My bike is completery stock with less than 2000 miles on it. Will I hear deceleration pop or backfire from this exhaust system with the power commander installed and mapped by you?

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Hey guys wonder if you can help me out. I've been looking around for full exhaust system for my hayabusa 2007. I've been looking at your twinder titanium street version exhaust and your alien head. I want to get as much hp as I can . Can you guys recommend one for me. Thank you.
Alien head vs tiwinder
How to check if the exhaust is genuine/original?
Is there a O2 sensor hole in the alien head system I've ordered for my 2015 ZX14R?? Ps there was no sub menu for 2015 only 2006/2012. I have watched this vid by Ben @ Brocks Performance many times & there is no mention of it. Also if you have not seen it is a MUST watch for any 14R owner wanting to remove there body work for the 1st time
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